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P3HUB is a perfect combination of PS3 dongle and USB HUB, which is more stable in function, and simplifies the initial function. It is also a USB HUB with 2 ports.

★ HUB P3 is basically used as a normal USB hub, which does not contain any unauthorized program code. So it will not cause any legal problems to the sellers.

★ This device supports the self-programmable feature via USB, users can easily update the system according to their needs.

★ When loading the latest firmware, it is not necessary to disconnect the USB external storage device during the restart of the PS3 console.

★ For both slim and large models, it will increase the lifespan of the USB external storage device and simplify the operation step.

★ With two more USB ports, users can connect more USB devices to their PS3 console

★ PS3 Perfect Break

★ It is not necessary to disconnect external hardisk

★ Avoid removing the external device before the user starts the console

★ Simplify complex steps to make operations easier

★ Upgrading firmware and hardware

★ PS3 Dongle and USB HUB perfect combination to support all external device plug and play.

★ P3 USB HUB multiple expansion external device

★ USB 1.1 device fully compatible with USB 2.0

★ No driver, it is plug and play

★ Higher performance, reliable and stable


Q1: What is P3HUB?
A1: P3HUB is a perfect combination of PS3 dongle and USB HUB, which is more stable in its function, and simplifies its initial approach. It is also a USB HUB with 2 ports.

Q2: How to install P3HUB? Is it easy to install?
A2: It is easy to install, supports the homebrew program, the user can download the User Manual on our DOWNLOAD page.

Q3: What is the warranty for P3HUB?
A3: P3HUB is sold with a 1 year warranty. deals with all the details of the guarantee.

Q4: It was really very complicated the previous PS3 dongle, there was need to remove all attached USB devices before starting the PS3 console. Is there any improvement for P3HUB?
A4: A great improvement was made upon it for P3HUB. All connected USB devices do not need to be removed before starting your PS3, which does not affect the normal operation of the P3HUB.

Q5: Do they permanently modify my console?
A5: Certainly not, since the P3HUB is removed, it is completely disabled.

Q6: What do you mean when you say "an unknown usb device"
A6: Referring to this message, P3HUB does not function normally. You need to check the following operations:
1. Ensure that the PS3's disk drive is empty
2. Verify that the PS3 system firmware is V3.41
3. In the condition as above. Do as follows:
(1) It is important to make sure the power is off.
(2) Insert the P3HUB into the PS3 device.
(3) Connect the PS3 power connector to the ready mode.
(4) Turn the console on and press the eject button very quickly.

Q7: Why did the file "manager.pkg not appear when I ran Install Package Files on the menu?
A7: Referring to this problem, resolve it as following steps:
1. To ensure a copy of Backup Manager (manager.pkg) the file in FAT32 format is copied to it. It is stored in the root column of the external USB storage. Otherwise, it will fail.
2. With the above 2 conditions are met, insert the external USB storage, choose "Install Package Files", the pkg "manager" will appear, then choose and run it.

Q8: when I came back to the game menu, choose the "Backup Manager" option, the controller joystick refused to work, and can not choose the files in the menu? A8: After you choose "Backup Manager", you can choose the games, delete some files or backup files, etc., using the cross-shaped control keys to the left of the joystick

Q9: After I finished the backup of the file, I chose the game in "Backup Manager" menu, and run "load", an error message appeared: "Please insert the original game disc BD". Because? A9: To load the game, a boot disk is required to load the PS3 games by inserting any original BD game disc into the PS3 drive

Q10: When I loaded the created backup game, it was back to the game menu, the game I wanted to have not been loaded. What is the reason? A10: It is normal, when you returned to the games menu, you can find the only games backup was created above the "Backup Manager" icon. Choose and run it.

Q11: What is "manager.pkg"? What is it? Why can not I open "Manager.pkg" on my PC? A11: Manager.pkg is a homebrew firmware for the PS3 system, and it can run with the PS3 system only, which can not be identified by PC. The method of setting manager.pkg, see Q6.



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