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Connection Kit 1700 DUO - Strong

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Connection Kit 1700 is based on a set of 2 pre-paired and secured Adapter 1700 insuring a wireless point-to-point connection at an ultra-high speed of 1700 Mbit/s. You just have to connect one Adapter 1700 to your Internet modem via an Ethernet port and bring your ADSL, VDSL or fibre high-speed Internet connection in any room of your house without using any cable for the second Adapter 1700.
So you can enjoy your high-speed Internet connection in any room of your home!

Main features:
- High-speed Internet connection wirelessly in any room of your house
- Solution using Wi-Fi 802.11ac technology for transmission
- Transmission speed up to 1700 Mbit/s between the Adapters
- Zero configuration! Pre-paired and secured products
- Specially designed for UHD and IPTV video streaming
- 1.5 to 2 times faster than any Powerline kit
- “MESH” technology inside for multi-room solutions
- Up to 4x Adapters 1700 in MESH configuration
- 2 x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports on each unit

You can use the Connection Kit 1700 to connect all your bandwidth hungry wired devices to the Internet, such as IPTV receivers, Smart TV, Android Box, Amazon Fire® TV, Apple TV®, media player, computer, game consoles, etc. And free up your Wi-Fi network.
Even when your video content may come from the Internet (VOD, NETFLIX, Replay TV, Live TV, IPTV, YouTube, etc) or from inhouse sources (NAS, media player, HDD, computers, etc). With the Connection Kit 1700 you can stream all your HD and UHD videos on your TV sets in any room of your house without pulling cables. Each Connection Kit 1700 adapter is equipped with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.
And when your modem and your IPTV receiver are not in the same room, that is not an issue. There is no cable required.
Connect one of the Connection Kit 1700 adapters through an Ethernet port to your modem. Then locate your IPTV receiver and your TV in the room of your choice. All you need to do is to connect the second Connection Kit 1700 adapter to your IPTV receiver to enjoy live TV in perfect quality.
The Connection Kit 1700 has been specially designed for video transmission. It embeds prioritization of the video traffic, advanced interference avoidance, jitter prevention and intelligent queue management, all this for an exceptional video quality and totally fluid video streaming.

The typical data throughput for a Powerline 1200 Kit is about 400 M/bits whereas it is between 600 M/bits and 800 M/bits for Connection Kit 1700, which is 1.5 to 2 times faster. The 2 adapters of the Connection Kit 1700 are pre-paired at the factory for software-free installation and require no configuration. It's just Plug and Play!
You already enjoy a Connection Kit 1700 in your house but you need more? You now want to watch your video content on another TV set in the room of your choice? Thanks to its MESH technology, the Connection Kit 1700 allows you to perform a multi-room configuration at fingertips in minutes.
Use a second Connection Kit 1700 and connect the two new Connection Kit 1700 adapters to the already installed Connection Kit 1700 adapters by simply using the "Connect & Secure" button. In a matter of minutes, you bring your video content in the room of your choice without pulling a cable.
Connection Kit 1700 uses 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard as transmission media between the Connection Kit 1700 adapters. The Connection Kit 1700 uses 5 GHz UNII-2-Extended band by default where it is available (Channels 100 to 112) in order to minimize Wi-Fi interferences and 80 MHz bandwidth channel to reach a real data throughput close to 1 Gbit/s speed.
Combined with 802.11ac features, such as beamforming, the Connection Kit 1700 is designed to bring best video experience for your live TV streaming from the Internet wirelessly to any room of your house.

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